Our Story

    Hi there! I am Pankaj, the founder of InBreathe. I established the brand in 2020 with a motto of promoting slow living and bringing about a shift in consumer habits by building and growing an eco-conscious community.
I grew up in a household that gets all its food and essentials from the land, forever inbreathing the essence of the source. I spent most of my childhood helping my parents in the fields, tending to livestock, and growing our own food. I travelled to different parts of the country and got to know cultures beyond the stereotypes, which made me realise that the one thing that binds us all together has got to be wellness in tandem with nature.
With certain lifestyle changes and a conscious state of mind, I set out to explore simple living in all facets of modern life. Currently based out of Goa, we are geared towards reducing our carbon footprint by adopting a more sustainable approach in our daily lives with ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’ as our mantra and we encourage our community to do the same.

Brand Philosophy 

Learning from the elements of nature while inbreathing slowness in nowness, everything we offer aligns with our plastic-free philosophy. As we like to keep it organic, right from the creation of a product to its packaging, our design aesthetic remains minimal and utilitarian with nature as our muse.